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Wildfeather Artsy Made a Donation Today for the Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle painting by Mary Rush on WildfeatherArtsy.com. Copyright 2022 Mary A Rush, all rights reserved.

I share the wonderful news that today, Wildfeather Artsy made a $30 donation to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Fourteen Sea Turtle products have been sold to date. 

We're donating $2.00 for every Sea Turtle product sold. Since we sold 14 products, we donated $28.00 plus an additional $2.00 paid forward toward the next product sold. 

The adored Sea Turtle products were 14 pairs of the Sea Turtle flip flops. Check them out and order one for you and your friends. Consider adding a Sea Turtle T-shirt and Sea Turtle Tote to complete the look.

Here's what one happy customer confided to me about the Sea Turtle flip flops received:

"They’re so smooth on the insoles, they’re lovely! And they’re fun! Just seeing them makes me happy."

Sea Turtle flip flops printed from original painting of a sea turtle by Mary Rush

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