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Print on Demand Saves our Landfills Tons of Garments Being Stacked Up

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Being lovers of the natural world around us here at Wildfeather Artsy, we strive to get better and better at learning about eco-friendly ways of doing business.

We use eco-friendly “Print on Demand” manufacturers. They make your order when you place your order and not before. No product is stockpiled in warehouses anywhere in the world. Manufacturers are not overproducing products, which is the norm for the fashion industry. Millions of tons of textile waste are tossed or burned every year. In an article in, “85% Of Our Clothes End Up In Landfills Or Burned... 13 million tons of textiles each year from the retailers.”

We watch for eco-friendly and sustainable print-on-demand producers who use fabrics made from eco-friendly and sustainable methods and materials.

The environmentally conscious consumer is challenging the fashion industry to make more eco-friendly products. Isn’t this great news? I’m happy to pass those products on to you.



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I wore my “underwater” yoga pants yesterday for workout class, and they were Sooooo comfy. I’d get another pair if they were the same fabric and fit, with a different theme, but did not see one on your website. Keep me posted on that.

Beverly Copen

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