New Pieces Added to the Dancing Trees Collection

New Pieces Added to the Dancing Trees Collection

Dancing Trees New Additions to the Collection
New additions to the Dancing Trees Collection: Top Left: Bell Sleeve Short Sleeve Tunic; Top Right: Long Sleeve Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt; Bottom Left: Long Sleeve V-Neck Tunic, Bottom Right: 100% Cotton Jacket



“Listen so softly to the gentle winds
gliding through joyful dancing trees
and know Oneness”Leland Lewis, Angelic Tales of The Universe. Tale 8. A Magical World


The Dancing Trees photographic image by award-winning photographer, Beverly K. Copen is one of the most beloved images at Wildfeather Artsy. We've added these new artsy wearable pieces to Beverly's collection to augment your wardrobe with pieces you may already own. If you haven't purchased any of the collection, then consider starting with one of these lovely pieces. And then add to it over time. 

Visit the Dancing Trees Collection in the Beverly K. Copen Collection Now!

New Pieces

Dancing Trees - V-neck Women's T-shirt With Bell Sleeve| Feminine Cut Blouse - Beverly K. Copen Collection


Dancing Trees - Women's V-neck T-shirt With Long Sleeve | Women's Tunic - Beverly K Copen Collection

Dancing Trees - Men's Raglan Long Sleeve T-shirt | 190GSM Cotton | Men's Casual Shirt - Beverly K Copen Collection



Unisex Stand Up Collar Jacket With Raglan Sleeve | 310GSM Cotton - Beverly K Copen Collection


Dancing Trees by Ami Shae
I watched the trees dance tonight
and oh what a lovely sight--
seeing their limbs sway in the breeze
watching the caresses of the leaves
as the trees swayed to and fro
their undulating movements made me know
that the wind is music for the trees
as they dance to the melody of this unrelenting breeze
While watching this strong, insistent southern wind
I had no idea how far down a tree could bend--
but as I watched it occurred to me
these trees were dancing just so I could see
the beauty and grace and splendor too
of the joyful life in nature pure and true.
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