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New! Magic is Afoot

Magic is Afoot Collection
Magic and fun combines in our recent addition - Magic is Afoot Collection. There are only two pieces. More will be added!

The sensation of abracadabra is imbibed into these clothing pieces. You’ll surely turn heads as you pass by wearing these enchanting garb. Electrical spellbinding vibes will bedazzle your audience. Your charismatic character will bewitch everyone within sight. Run don’t walk to the buy now button. Begin your marvelous journey now.

Magical yoga Capri leggings and matching sheer chiffon draped-kimono. Wear this outfit to the next psychic fair or tarot reading. Just for fun and magical flair, wear it shopping or to your next girl gathering.
Magic is Afoot Capri Yoga Legging
Magic is afoot and you'll feel it wearing these magical yoga Capri leggings. For the spiritual side of you. Shine your light.
Magic is Afoot Draped Kimono in 4 angles
Magic is afoot Draped Kimono. Cut from sheer chiffon, it will not show the white backing.
Sometimes you just need a little magic in your life.

Magic is Afoot Collection


Let us know in the comments how you like this collection. We want to hear your thoughts.
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