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Elegant New Collection: Japanese Cranes

The photographic design comes from award-winning photographer, Beverly K. Copen. She says:

As I lived 3 years in Japan, I love art that is any form of Asian. This comes from a majestic wall hanging that was actually from Viet Nam, almost 40 years ago.

How the Design Came to Be

Bev posted the image on Facebook one day. Being quite enamored with it, I knew I had to design something for her collection using it. She is fond of the cut and fit of the rash guard, so I started with that. When she saw it, she asked for a simple design legging to pair with it, similar to the legging I designed for the Lotus Jewel Collection. You can see the outfit to the right. She felt it was an elegant solution for women to wear out to dinner. Who knew the rash guard could go elegant? 


Do You Love It?

We hope you love it. Additional pieces in the collection include a kimono and Men’s Hawaiian shirt. Please visit the Japanese Cranes Collection now.

And please, leave a comment below and let us know how much you adore it!


Don't See What You Want?

Bev and a doggie friend

If you'd like to see something else in the collection such as a sweatshirt, please contact me (Mary) and let me know.

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