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Cowboy Into the Sunset Collection

Cowboy Into the Sunset Collection on art clothing

The design comes from a photograph by award-winning photographer and author, Beverly K. Copen. She calls it "Cowboy into the Sunset." 

Beverly's Story About the Photograph

The White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, Arizona. An exciting photo workshop with Arizona Highways. This was on the last evening – a cattle drive at sunset. But to the dismay of all of us there to capture the magic, it was a dark, gray day. No sun whatsoever. We were 10 minutes away from packing up and leaving when the magic arrived. Giant sun near the horizon ready to disappear. The cowboys started running the cattle and we just started “shooting” directly INTO the sun.  It was breathtaking. We all got truly amazing images.

Checkout the entire beautiful collection by Bev - Cowboy Into the Sunset


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